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Certifications, Regulatory, Quality & Safety

Reliability at All Time

Our excipients for pharmaceutical and life science industries are produced in 4 different facilities in Germany and France. If you need any pharma certifications of our sugars for your formulations, we are more than happy to provide you with them.

Furthermore Südzucker offers perfect traceability from production until delivery, has a global commercial presence and cross-border supply


A certificate of conformity to the European Pharmacopoeia (EP/PhEur) is enclosed to each delivery.

Our sucrose-based excipients are in compliance with the requirements of the sucrose monograph of EP/PhEur (excluding endotoxins) thanks to regular analysis performed during the production periods according to the methods of the sucrose monograph in force.

If requested we also offer EP/PhEur certificates for our products. USP-NF certification (United States Pharmacopeia National Formula) are offered on request for some products or used raw materials. Special customer-specific certificates are available on request.

If you need further advise or have questions concerning our certifications, please contact us.