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Versatile and High-Performance Excipients

Südzucker offers you a broad range of versatile and high-performing pharma-grade excipients:


The COMPRI range by Südzucker is a product selection of directly compressible sucrose with special properties. The source material is very fine grinded sucrose (EU I quality), with or without binder, as well as other ingredients (flavourings or active ingredients, pressing agent, dyes, etc.).

Due to our unique fluid bed agglomeration production technology for COMPRI, we provide you with high quality, sucrose-based solutions, designed to be processed into compressed goods, tablets and instant products. Südzucker is the only producer who offers a fluid bed agglomerated sugar for direct compression without any binder.

Under the umbrella of COMPRI, you can select between the following products:

Main Applications
Particle Size in mm (min. 90%)
Bulk Density in g/l
Residual Moisture in g/l
Possible Certifications
Pure fluid bed agglomerated sugar
Very good instant solubility

Good compressibility
Instant products, e.g. single-serving sachet, effervescent powders

Direct compression
0,1 – 0,63
500 – 600
max. 0,1
European Pharmacopoeia (Ep/PhEur)
Fluid bed agglomerated sugar with Maltodextrin
Very high breaking load

Good solubility
Sucrose, Maltodextrin
Direct compression
0,1 – 1,0
500 – 700
max 0,7
Fluid bed agglomerated sugar with Maltodextrin in a special ratio to fulfil the USP-NF requirements
Very high breaking load

Good solubility
Sucrose, Maltodextrin
Direct compression
0,2 – 0,63
500 – 630
max 0,7

With the different types in our COMPRI range, you can select the best solution for your product. The individual types differ in their ingredients and particle size distribution.

The unique agglomeration manner ensures, that Südzucker COMPRI has completely different physico-chemical properties and structure compared to regular sugar crystals. Even though the main component is sucrose, its amorphous form entails many benefits:

  • Directly compressible
  • Excellent flow characteristics
  • Optimal binder for active substances (liquid or in powdered form)
  • Low friability
  • Outstanding dissolution properties
  • Can be dosed with high precision
  • Very good compression force/breaking load characteristics
  • Ensuring ease of processing on modern high-speed presses
  • Masking agent effect
  • Storage stability / low hygroscopicity
  • Instant solubility
  • Nearly dust-free
  • Defined particle size distribution

Extra White Sugar (EU 1)

Pharma-grade extra white sugar (EU 1) is an extra refined sugar, produced according to pharmaceutical standards.

It is a single ingredient foodstuff that consists of colourless, pure, free flowing crystals of sucrose, which have a white appearance. If you want to get more details about extra white sugar, please click here.

Extra White Sugar EU1

Higher Grade White Sugar (EU 2+)

Higher grade white sugar EU2+

Higher grade white sugar (EU 2+) is a refined sugar produced according to pharmaceutical standards. If you want to get more details about our higher grade white sugar, please click here

Icing Sugar

Pharma-grade icing sugar is made from extra white sugar by grinding. It can be perfectly dosed and homogeneously mixed with other ingredients. If you want to get more details about our icing sugar, please click here.

Icing sugar

Liquid Sugar

Liquid Sugar

Pharma-grade liquid sugar solutions are also available with different dry solid content and color specification. If you want to get more details about our liquid sugar, please click here.

Our sucrose-based excipients are available in different particle and packaging sizes. To find out more about our excipients solutions or if you want to create high quality formulations together with Südzucker, please contact us.

For additional information about our certifications and quality assurance, have a look at Südzucker’s quality promises.