Reconciling Emotions and Rationality – A Consumer of Two Minds Image

Reconciling Emotions and Rationality – A Consumer of Two Minds

Südzucker Consumer Study Processed Foods & Drinks 2022

The last years have affected us significantly due to the extraordinary circumstances in the world. Events affecting us directly and indirectly, so consumers rethink their own behavior in many aspects, especially also in food and drinks consumption. End consumer brands therefore need to keep a close eye on their consumers and where needed optimize existing product portfolios. Simultaneously it also offers growth opportunities and chance to create market entry barriers by launching new product innovations early.

In our second year of the Südzucker Consumer Tracker we once again surveyed 5,000 frequent users of chocolates, dairy products & vegan alternatives, sweet biscuits/baked goods, soft drinks and cereals. The study was conducted in France, Germany, UK, Poland and Belgium using a sample n=1000 in each market, also during the same time of year to make it as comparable as possible and identify first trends compared to last year’s zero measurement.

Download the exclusive whitepaper to gain access to key results of our Südzucker usage & attitudes study:

  • Main consumption drivers in the tested consumer market segments
  • Insights into consumption patterns shifts related to sugar / sugar-containing products
  • Ratings of sustainability drivers and benefits
  • Insights into the state of health related drivers
  • Learnings about the consumer’s need to bring indulgency and expediency into harmony

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