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Südzucker’s Development in Trendsetting and Tailor-Made Solutions

We at Südzucker are close to many markets, due to our broad customer structure. We are open to listen to you closely and identify your future challenges to support you in reaching your goals. Along with our range of high quality fondant, icing and glazing products, you can rely on Südzucker’s many years of experience and passion for the baking industry to always go the extra mile.

Pastry ChefTrends normally start on an artisanal level, therefore we are working together with several artisanal chefs to pick up these trends and convert them for the industry. It could be conversion on the ingredient side, e.g. palm-free or vegan fondants. We are also working on and tailoring state-of the art solutions to help you improving the nutritonal profile of your products and reducing sugar. Technically and sensorially high performance solutions is the third focus area of our development.

Having your needs in mind, we know, that a well targeted modifications to our standard recipes can already bring great value to your business. These modification can include:

  • Addition of special flavors
  • Adapt the texture of the fondant / icing product
  • Customization of freeze, chill and wrap stability
  • Adjustment of speed of setting
  • Adjust product flow characteristics
  • Customize Ready-To-Use (RTU) solutions

In case of need of a tailor-made solution, feel free to contact us. All of these developments are done in one of our two R&D hubs in Offstein (Germany) and Oostkamp (Belgium).

Drawing on our many years’ experience in manufacturing fondants and icings enables our experts to help answer any questions and/or challenges you encounter around your production of bakery, chocolate and confectionery products, e.g.:

  • Technical questions, for example, shelf life, ingredients, freeze thaw stability, machine or hand-made products, (clean) labeling
  • Which Südzucker products suits your needs and application best
  • Application trainings on how to use the product

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