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Wheat Bran Pellets

Our Wheat Bran Pellets are a co-product of wheat flour production. They consist mostly of fragments of the outer grain layers and grain particles from which most of the endosperm has been removed. You can use our wheat bran for both compound feed production or feed it directly to ruminants, pigs, horses, or poultry.

General Benefits of Wheat Bran Pellets

  • GMP+ FSA-certified feed material
  • High crude fiber content for a needs-based energy feeding
  • Year-round availability, with stable ingredient composition
  • Uniform pellet size – good flowability, reduced transportation costs

Basic Product Information

Our Wheat Bran Pellets are a co-product of the wheat flour extraction process. During grinding, the flour body is separated from the rest of the grain. It contains starch (approx. 19%), crude protein (approx. 15%) and crude fiber (approx. 10%). The crude fiber has a high hemicellulose content, but also contains cellulose and pectin.

Packaging Type: Bulk
Practical Tip
Please store our wheat bran pellets in a dry environment to maintain optimal product quality. Even though wheat bran does not have an expiration date, we recommend use/processing within 3 months.
GMP+ FSA certified

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