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Pressed Sugar Beet Pulp

We produce our high-quality Pressed Sugar Beet Pulp from regionally grown non-genetically modified sugar beet varieties which we de-sugar and then press. Our product is typically used as direct animal feed and in the compound feed industry but also in non-food industries – as fertile soil substrate, paper substrate or for biogas production.

General Benefits

  • QS-certified feed material
  • Highly digestible, palatable energy product
  • Nutritionally ideal – especially in high-performance rations for dairy cows
  • Sourced close to the production site
  • Produced from non-genetically modified sugar beet
  • Physiological benefits through reduced starch content
  • Reduced acidosis risk due to slow, continuous energy release of long-chain carbohydrates

Our pressed beet pulp comes from the same process that produces sugar from sugar beets. The pectin, hemicellulose and cellulose in our pulp are highly digestible for ruminants. Compared to cereal-based feed, the long-chain carbohydrates of our pulp are catabolized slowly and continuously, which can help reduce problems with ruminal fermentation and acidosis.

Because of its palatability and high energy content, our pressed beet pulp is a popular component in direct feed or silage for ruminants and pigs. You can also use it to make less palatable feed components in mixed feed rations more agreeable for your animals.

Basic Product Information

Pressed beet pulp, “24 Quality” (min. 24 % – typically 29 % dry matter content)

Various Uses
Used in direct feeding - fresh or ensiled
Special Certifications
This product is a QS-certified feed material.
Packaging, Storage and Shelf Life
Our pressed beet pulp is only seasonally available and must be ensiled for proper storage.
Practical Tip
Fresh pressed beet pulp must be fed within 2 days to prevent deterioration of the product. Properly ensiled pressed beet pulp can be stored longer.

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