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Südzucker Sugar Division supports you with value-added services such as application support, product customization and collective intelligence. With us you can rely on the strongest supply chain in the industry.

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Tailor-made product solutions

Developing sugar specialities for and with our customers is an important focus of ours to which we dedicate key resources. Our comprehensively equipped food technology centres are available for this purpose, and an experienced team can evaluate a product’s sensorial characteristics and optimize them according to your needs.

Sugar Syrups

We can develop customised Liquid Sugar solutions such as syrups, special colours, specific sugar compositions using Glucose Syrup or in combination with other ingredients.

We cover products like Glucose Syrups, caramels and mixed syrups. Our R&D facilities operate at lab scale but can also scale up to several cubic meters.

Toppings and Fillings (Fondants)

Our Fondants are available in different ready-to-use formulations. To adapt them to your needs on an industrial scale, our specialists can adjust recipes to optimize output and achieve specific product properties.

We create, evaluate, prototype, and test our tailor-made solutions for you in our development lab at our speciality sugar facility in Oostkamp, Belgium.

Dry Mixes

(e.g. stabilized Icing Sugar, Preserving Sugar, etc.)

We apply various production technologies – for particular demands, we can also provide dry mixes with additional functionality, including free-flowing properties that use a final agglomeration step.

Bakery and Decoration

(From Deco Powder to Pearl Sugar)

We have a full range of toppings available for the decoration of baked goods which we can develop from lab to industrial scale – from fine Icing Sugar to special Nib Sugar for wafer decoration.

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