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Whether colourful, classic white or slightly shiny – with Südzucker’s broad range of standardised and customisable fondants, icings & glazings you will always find the best solutions to delight your consumer.

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Sugar-Reduced Fondant Solutions

With our range of sugar-reduced fondants you are able to create state-of-the-art product formulations while improving the nutritional profile, reducing sugar content, and adjusting sweetness levels. Our proprietary fondant solutions have been developed in our Südzucker R&D centres and are in full compliance with consumer needs: No sensorial compromise.

General Benefits of Low-sugar/Sugar-Reduced Fondant

  • 30% less sugar vs. standard fondants
  • Similar processing requirements
  • Identical usage rates, as well as identical volume
  • Excellent, bright gloss; high opacity
  • Natural taste profile – natural sweetness
  • Stickiness comparable to sugar glazings, even slightly reduced
  • Improved nutritional profile vs. standard fondants
  • Supports the full taste of the end-product

Highly suitable for icings & glazings

  • Clean, natural taste
  • Bright gloss/shine
  • Characteristic opacity
  • Non-sticky finish/will not stick to the packaging
  • Suitable for freeze thaw stable products
  • Easy processing

Highly suitable for fillings

  • Clean, natural taste
  • Typical, short texture
  • Typical, soft hardness
  • Smooth bite & melt
  • Extra fine particle size
  • Easy processing


All low-sugar fondant solutions are reduced by 30%. Depending on final product formulations and ingredients used, consumer products using our fondant with less sugar may be able to be claimed as sugar-reduced and therefore also achieve a better Nutri-Score. An unquestionable asset to satisfy customers conscious of how much sugar they consume.

Process-friendly, easy to use
Versatile portfolio for many applications
Visually enticing: transparent, opaque-white, or vibrant colours - create layers with excellent gloss

Sugar-Reduced Fondants – Product Details & Properties

Available Sugar-reduced Fondant Packaging Sizes

We have several types of sugar-reduced fondants available:
Product Packaging type Packaging unit
Classic Fondant Pail 15 kg
Classic Fondant Carton 12.5 kg, 15 kg, 18 kg
Classic Fondant Bags 20 kg
Powdered Fondant Bags 20 kg
Powdered Fondant Big Bags 460 kg, 800 kg
Close Wrap Icing Carton 10 kg, 12.5 kg

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