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Südzucker Sugar Division supports you with value-added services such as application support, product customization and collective intelligence. With us you can rely on the strongest supply chain in the industry.

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Logistical Excellence

As your full-service partner, we want to give you total peace of mind all along the supply chain. We listen closely to your challenges and align our capabilities and infrastructure to meet your needs fully. In their feedback to us on our sugar supply chain and logistical capabilities, our customers especially value our reliability and high degree of shipping flexibility. We work on keeping it that way every day.

We work with many partners along the supply chain. With all of them, we look back on many years of successful collaboration and an excellent customer satisfaction track record. We got there by maintaining very close feedback loops with our customers to create individual solutions, and by carefully evaluating and managing our partner network.

Ranging from smaller, local suppliers, who offer very specific, dedicated services, to larger, globally active partners for large scale operations, our powerfully diverse network is ready for all your challenges.

In addition to our high-quality partner network, we have our own sizable vehicle fleet of over 100 dedicated silo and tank trucks in Germany – they’re solely at our disposal and give us a high degree of flexibility in our sugar supply chain.

Why is Südzucker the Ideal Partner for Your Sugar Supply Chain?

When you work with us, the power of our vast logistics network is at your service, and we use it to create an optimal end-to-end transport solution for you. Our experienced teams of logistics experts can guarantee you fast and reliable handling of your requests and swift, flawless transportation of your products:

High degree of shipment destination flexibility
Planning the best shipment routes and modes of transport for the shortest, most sustainable transport solution
Deep understanding of intermodal transport: rail, bulk, liquid and conventional truck shipment as well as sea container business

For each delivery, our widespread network of production and storage facilities all across Europe allows us to always ship to you from the site that is closest to you. That is how we achieve our sustainability goals for reducing transport distances and ensure that we are not suddenly out-of-stock for the products you need – you can always count on getting what you need when you need it.

To guarantee an efficient sugar supply chain, we have over 30 external warehouses for packed goods located in seven countries across Europe: Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Greece and the United Kingdom.

Our Quality Promise Knows No Borders

Wherever we are not physically present, our third-party logistics providers step in. We hold them to the same high standards we apply to ourselves and evaluate their performance regularly.

Quality is Job Number One For Us

We closely monitor, regularly audit, and certify not only our products but also every transport, piece of machinery, facilities and all materials of our suppliers that come into contact with our sugars.

We Are Here For You

Whatever sweetening product you purchase from us, and wherever you need it shipped, our teams in the logistics and supply chain department is dedicated to take care of your needs and overcome your challenges quickly and efficiently.

Meet two of our supply chain and logistics experts below

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Bonjour, goedendag, and hello, my name is Melanie Schaffner.
Logistics Manager, Packed Goods
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Bonjour, goedendag, and hello, my name is Melanie Schaffner. I am a logistics manager, responsible for Südzucker’s industry and retail customers in France and Benelux.

First and foremost, I manage all logistics operations around packed goods in these regions, as well as Südzucker’s vast supplier portfolio. The logistics department is where it all begins: making sure that external warehouses meet all our requirements, setting up the tracking system for the smooth transit of all our products to and from these warehouses, and negotiating related contracts.

In all of this, you and your needs always come first. Every choice we make for a delivery to you is based on close communication with you and is based on discussing the most important factors with you first:

  • The urgency of the delivery and any specific time windows we need to adhere to so that your processes can keep running smoothly
  • The specific location of the shipment’s destination for selecting the best logistics partner for the fastest and safest delivery possible
  • Transit schedules for the relevant shipping period to achieve the smoothest possible transition of your goods
  • Specific infrastructure at your shipment’s destination (coordinating with you in advance what type of truck can access your premises, whether you need assistance in loading/unloading, best delivery time, etc.) to make receiving your goods as easy as possible for you.

We are thankful for the frequent positive feedback we get about our reliability and fast and flexible reaction times, especially for emergency orders or during times of crisis when supply chains are often strained.

We integrate many services to achieve the level of performance you expect from us. But the most critical part is the feedback we receive from you. It helps us to continuously evaluate and improve our network of logistics partners and our own performance.

– Melanie Schaffner, Logistics Manager, Packed Goods

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Hello, my name is Sebastian Glowazki
Logistics purchaser for Bulk & Liquid transports
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Hello, my name is Sebastian Glowazki, and I have been the logistics purchaser for Südzucker’s liquid and bulk products in silo and tank trucks since 2012. I also purchase our warehouse capacities in the UK and Greece.

All shipments within Germany and cross-border deliveries that are loaded in our German facilities fall under my responsibility. I’m also in constant communication with all of our international facilities to improve our processes and operations, building international synergies that boost our performance and earn your satisfaction.

Since my job involves working closely with departments like customer service, sales, quality management and planning, I am responsible for a mix of planning and operational tasks, such as:

  • Developing delivery concepts that take into account customer-specific storage capacities and infrastructure to ensure 24/7 product availability
  • Supervising and coordinating our external warehouses in the UK & Greece with the goal to always have stock on hand (incl. intercompany distribution)
  • Monitoring and aligning planned sugar volumes with your called-off quantities
  • Evaluating logistics partners based on customer feedback and selecting the best-equipped partner for each customer delivery (e.g. when special equipment like an electric compressor is needed)
  • Controlling, aligning, and implementing external factors, like new legal obligations

When I ask our customers what they value most about our partnership, they often cite our customer-centric approach, our tailor-made delivery concepts, and our discerning choice of third party logistics providers whose performance we continually evaluate against customer satisfaction. I’m proud that we get feedback like that – it’s validation, but also motivation to do even better.

– Sebastian Glowazki, Logistics purchaser for Bulk & Liquid transports

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