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Invert Sugar Paste

Invert Sugar Paste is a natural and versatile invert sugar for a wide range of applications like fermentation, baked goods (flour), sugar confectionery & ice cream manufacture.

Südzucker Invert Sugar Pastes can replace some of the crystalline sugar in many applications, with several technical benefits for the final product – including economic advantages because of its higher sweetening power.

General Benefits of Invert Sugar Paste

  • Increases shelf life
  • Controls fermentation in bakery applications
  • Improves crust colour
  • Depresses ice cream freeze point for soft scoop
  • Improves consistency of creams & fillings
  • Efficiently controls crystallization in sugar confectionery

Basic Product Information

During the production process, invert sugar is processed into a soft paste (Trimoline®*/Lebboline®*) or into blocks (Bloomoist®) **. The table below shows how much sugar can be replaced in different application segments.

Application Typical Usage Rate
Bakery Fermentation
Cakes & Pastries
2% – 5% of flour weight
Up to 30% of sugar weight
Chocolate 4% – 30% of sugar weight
Confectionery 2% – 20% of sugar weight
Ice Cream & Sorbets up to 25% of sugar weight

*: Trimoline® is the brand name for Südzucker outside of France / Lebboline® is the brand name for Südzucker in France
**Trimoline®*, Lebboline®* and Bloomoist® are invert sugar paste brands available from Südzucker.

If you’d like more detailed information on our Invert Sugar Paste for specific applications like butter biscuits, fondant pralines, soft gums, or others, please reach out to us – we’re happy to help. Our R&D hubs have also conducted extensive trials to determine the ideal amount of invert sugar paste for different applications.

Typical Ingredients
Sugar, water
Packaging type / Packaging unit (in kg)
Pail / 7
Pail / 15
Carton / 12.5
Storage and Shelf Life
Please store our Invert Sugar Paste in a cool, dry place, ideally between 15 – 25°C. Under these conditions, unopened, in the original packaging, the product can be stored for 12 months after the production date.

Available Invert Sugar Paste Packaging Sizes

Our Invert Sugar Paste is available in the following packaged sizes:
Packaging type Packaging unit (in kg)
Pail 7, 15
Carton 12.5

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