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Animal Feed

The animal feed sector is remarkably diverse, with a wide set of challenges in its many livestock segments. What they all have in common, though, is the need to maximise output, while reducing resource utilisation.

Feeding Bees

Pollinators such as bees are crucial for our environment, ecosystems, and biodiversity. However, in climate zones with sometimes severe winters, it is often hard for them to get the nutrition they need. Environmental reasons and habitat loss are some of the reasons for the declining number of pollinators worldwide. That makes beekeeping that much more important, but also a lot more challenging. Beekeepers need to provide the right type and amount of substitute food, including proteins and carbohydrates, always at the right time. That can be a challenge, especially for upcoming beekeepers – access to the right products with expert guidance and support are essential.

Feeding Livestock

In the livestock/animal feed sector, challenges are also manifold – for the compound feed industry and farmers alike. On the one hand, there are immediate, local factors like the need for high-quality feed with consistent energy content and palatability – projectable availability and reliable logistics are critical here. On the other hand, indirect, global factors like environmental, climate and social challenges such as deforestation, organic farming, or greenhouse gas emission due to long transport distances also play an increasingly important role in the feed sector.

High-Quality Animal Feed

Our API bee feed and our animal feed Co-products can be part of your solution to these challenges. Do you want to use regionally produced products with excellent feed values? When you work with us, you have access to high-quality feed products for a wide range of applications – products to help you achieve optimal animal nutrition that results in the superior performance and yields you are looking for.

Why is Südzucker the ideal partner for the animal feed sector?

Organic Solutions available (Naturland / Bioland / EU organic regulation)
In-depth Customer Understanding and Market Know-How
Experienced Beekeepers in-house
Regional sourcing of beets, close to feed production sites
Use of non-genetically modified sugar beet varieties
Highest supply chain reliability

We invite all beekeepers, experienced or upcoming, to join our API beekeeper network to exchange ideas and share knowledge with the community at

We produce our sugar beets and final Co-products locally, at 18 sites across five European countries. But the expertise behind that comes from our global operational knowledge of markets and the needs of customers like you. We stay on top of the agricultural raw material market developments daily to keep you and us ahead of the changes and challenges ahead.

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