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The Südzucker Sugar Division is the leading provider of plant-based sweetening solutions. We offer the broadest range of beet sugar products including unmatched services - supporting our customers for a sweeter business.

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Our Expertise in sugar & sweetening solutions – 100% plant-based

We Believe in the Power of Nature and Regional Partnerships with Our Farmers!

Our close ties to and continuous cooperation with the farming community are part of our DNA. As sugar expert, refining agricultural raw materials (sugar beets, corn) and converting them into high-quality foods and food ingredients is our core business. Because agricultural raw materials are so important to us, we support our farmers with our own agricultural operations and the development of agricultural analysis tools and recommendations for improved and more sustainable cultivation.


  • Our sugar is derived from natural sources only
  • We source 100% of the sugar beets we process from European farmers
  • We have maintained trustful partnerships and close cooperation with our farmers for decades

Processing Capabilities & Technology

When it comes to processing sugar beets into sugar, our production capabilities, technologies, and state-of-the-art production facilities are unrivalled in the industry. In addition to using highly efficient sugar processing technologies for the production of granulated and liquid industrial sugar products, we also apply numerous special up- and down-stream production technologies. Our customers regularly confirm that our set of technologies is unmatched in the sugar industry and beyond.

This sugar expertise allows us to produce the industry’s broadest array of sugar specialities and be your ideal partner for sweetening solutions.

Our range of Sugar Specialties

  • Customisable Fondants, Glazings and Icing Sugar specialities
  • Organic Beet Sugar regionally grown, sourced and produced in Germany
  • Nib/Pearl Sugars in unbeaten quality and grades
  • Cassonades, Candy Sugars and Brown Sugars
  • Fruit Preparations & Sauces
  • Liquid Sugars incl. customised liquid sweetening solutions
  • High-quality Sucrose-Based Excipients for the pharma industry

Practically all sugar products we produce in our factories are processed from European sugar beets, with all production and supply managed at the highest and regularly certified quality standards.

Plant-based sweetening solutions – supporting your needs

Even 10 or 20 years from now, sucrose, fructose and glucose carbohydrates will be indispensable ingredients for use in food, beverages, and other applications. The main reason for this are the unique properties of sugar.

Sweetening Solutions – Superior Functionality

  • Exceptionally pure, natural sweet taste, entirely free of secondary flavours
  • Functional properties such as colour, flavour (enhancement), texture, preservation, and fermentation that allow caramelization (Maillard) and superior textural properties
  • Physical properties (e.g. hardness, viscosity, colour, moisture content, water activity) needed for specific applications, from baked goods and chocolates, to sugar confectionery and beverages
  • Exclusively derived from natural sources (i.e. sugar beets)

Tailor-made support & Sweetening Solutions – Südzucker Service Components

This unique set of technical, sensorial, and nutritional properties allows us to provide not only a wide variety of sugars and sweetening speciality products, but also tailor-made services for many specialities, e.g.

  • Customised product solutions
  • Application technology and recipe creation
  • Physical properties (e.g. hardness, viscosity, colour, moisture content, water activity) needed for specific applications
  • Technical support – e.g. scale-up assistance
  • Marketing support (marketing intelligence & consumer insights)


As sugar is an irreplaceable ingredient, we also offer a full set of logistics, supply chain, and financial services to ensure affordable availability and sugar delivery to our customers.

Sugar expertise – Innovation at Südzucker

Innovation in products and services is a crucial part of Südzucker’s commercial strategy and activities. We innovate to create value along the entire value chain, including sugar products, technologies, processes and digital services.

We have two innovation drivers:

  • Producing as little waste as possible and processing residual side streams into valuable products (e.g. food and feed ingredients, energy, or as raw materials for biochemical processes in various industries)
  • To maintain our role as innovation captain in the sugar industry – innovating in new products, solutions and state-of-the-art technologies.


Naturally, open innovation is a quintessential pillar of our innovation strategy.

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Are you a start-up? Are you an industry customer? Please let us know if you want to find out more about our sugar expertise, our open innovation activities and possible cooperation opportunities around sweetening solutions.

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