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Südzucker Sugar Division supports you with value-added services such as application support, product customization and collective intelligence. With us you can rely on the strongest supply chain in the industry.

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Dedicated Customer Service

Our customers repeatedly tell us how much they appreciate our high service quality, the customer-centric and transparent communication with our dedicated Customer Support teams, and our smooth logistics and sugar supply chain execution. We’re determined to keep it that way, by focusing on what’s most important: making your life easier.

That’s why we dedicate specific teams and representatives directly to you. Depending on the kind of product you source from us (sugars for the food and beverage industry, non-food or pharma use) or which country you are located in, we have local specialized support teams which you can count on for your needs.

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Γειά σας! My name is Dimitrios Chanis
Head of Customer Service & Supply Chain of Südzucker Hellas
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Γειά σας! My name is Dimitrios Chanis, and I am the Head of Customer Service & Supply Chain of Südzucker Hellas.

My team and I support our customers all over Greece and Cyprus. It is paramount to us to guarantee you the highest quality of service and total satisfaction. We do that by meticulously processing and tracking every step from production to final delivery at your chosen destination.

By operating our own production and packaging facility in Mandra, Attica, and continuously monitoring the transportation and storage of our goods, we ensure timely availability of the products you need at all times. We are dedicated to making your life as easy as possible, which is why we handle everything for you:

  • Order and feedback management
  • Production planning according to your purchase plan
  • Planning, handling, and following up on all imports and exports
  • Managing all customs procedures
  • Identification and planning of ideal means and ways of transport & choice of logistics partner
  • Auditing all our partners along the supply chain according to the highest IFS-standards
  • Risk analysis and pro-active preparation to ensure ongoing availability of ordered products

Our quick response times, unmatched order to delivery accuracy, high flexibility, and reliable stock management even in times of crisis, product shortage or for last-minute orders, has led to a high degree of satisfaction among our customers, which we are very proud of.

Do you have any questions? Please contact me or your dedicated representative on my team – we’ll be happy to help. Είς το επανιδείν!

– Dimitrios Chanis, Head of Customer Service & Supply Chain of Südzucker Hellas

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Hello, my name is Ann-Kathrin Huber
Customer Service Specialist Imports/Exports
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Hello, my name is Ann-Kathrin Huber, and I am your contact for all questions around imports and exports. That includes the raw materials or specialities we source globally from countries like Mauritius, Colombia, Brazil or Paraguay, or the specialities we export, such as Bee Feed, our unique Compri sugar for pharmaceutical applications, or our wide range of fondants.

As your service provider, we want to make life as easy as possible for you. Since I am in charge of the planning and execution of imports and exports, for me that includes:

  • creating shipping plans for all our partners to ensure smooth processes and transition
  • managing customer contracts
  • preparing all necessary customs documents for our customs agent
  • preparing and distributing requested specifications or other product documents (CoA, Certificate of Origin, shipments documents, etc.)
  • organising and managing shipments to our commercial port in Antwerp and further transport to production or storage facilities
  • re-scheduling and adjusting delivery windows to your destination to reduce waiting times and costs, or taking care of your short-term needs
  • Aligning product stock in warehouses with production and onward shipment (air / land / sea) to your shipment’s destination

We want to make sure that you are always happy with our partnership. That’s why we continuously optimise our processes, examine external partners, and proactively keep you informed to guarantee your satisfaction every step of the way. To make sure that we can always deliver the best possible service to you, we cultivate reliable long-term relationships with our partners, operate with a high degree of transparency, and address your changing needs flexibly, regardless of the sometimes considerable time differences between us.

– Ann-Kathrin Huber, Customer Service Specialist Imports/Exports

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Hello, my name is Michael Radesinsky
Team Leader Dispatch Bulk & Liquid Goods
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Hello, my name is Michael Radesinsky. I am a team leader for the dispatch of bulk goods in silo (crystalline) and tank trucks (liquid) for the DACH region.

In Customer Service, we manage and process your requests and orders as the interface between sales, supply chain, production facilities and warehouses.

Our team is not only responsible for the internal and external order and process planning with our logistics partners, but we also find solutions for late and short-term changes to scheduled shipments. Our service includes:

  • Quickly adjusting shipment when you change your order (e.g. need less or more sugar, an additional truck, etc.)
  • Planning delivery routes for shipments or re-allocation after order adjustments
  • Aligning delivery windows with your preferences
  • Steering logistics service partners to always guarantee the delivery of goods to you
  • Assisting with control and coordination in the event of deviations in the contract quantities compared to your call-off quantity or the validity of the contract

Because we make a point of always keeping the lines of communication open with you, we’re able to react very quickly to your changing needs. Let us know what you need, and we’ll find a solution that works for you.

Our ongoing dialogue with you is also crucial for learning from you how we are doing, and as a guide for evaluating our partners – something we do regularly so that we can guarantee you the best service possible.

Nothing makes us happier than the frequent positive feedback we get for our flexible, customer-oriented approach, and uncompromising product availability – even for emergency-, or short-term orders. We promise we’ll keep it up!

– Michael Radesinsky, Team Leader Dispatch Bulk & Liquid Goods

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Dzień dobry and hello, my name is Anna Fryźlewicz.
Senior Customer Service Specialist, Packed Goods, Poland
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Dzień dobry and hello, my name is Anna Fryźlewicz. I have been a Senior Customer Service Specialist for Südzucker for over 15 years now. I am responsible for planning, organising, and fulfilling the orders of our retail customers.

That includes orders from consumer packs of up to 25 kg to bulk packaging for the processing industry. Since Ropczyce is the only SZP production facility in Poland that produces Icing Sugar (with or without starch) for industry applications and retail, most of our orders are for varieties of Icing Sugars.

I am responsible for supporting the entire process from order to invoice and will always look to find your best solution with you. Our goal is to listen to you closely, learn all about your needs and execute accordingly. That may include:

  • Special maximum capacities of shipment size in your desired shipment destination
  • Specific delivery forecasts or clear communication of estimated delivery times
  • Using specific transport modes (e.g. refrigerated transport)
  • Using a specific third-party logistics provider from our network that meets your needs

We also understand how vital transparent communication is to you. We strive to make your life easier by regularly updating you about incoming deliveries. If your processes call for it, we can also use your tools and digital platforms for delivering updates. If you prefer picking your order up, you can indicate that in our system and choose a convenient pickup date. If you opt for delivery, you’ll be the first to know about any delays on the road, so you can plan reception and production accordingly.

I am proud of the positive feedback we regularly get about our operational flexibility and customer-centric approach to finding the best solutions. We are very much looking for long-term cooperation, learning as much as possible about your business. Do you have specific needs or challenges? Even if it’s just certificates or delivery notes, let me know – I’ll be delighted to help you.

– Anna Fryźlewicz, Senior Customer Service Specialist, Packed Goods, Poland

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Hello and bonjour, my name is Yoann Seznec
Customer Service Coordinator Packed Goods, Area West
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Hello and bonjour, my name is Yoann Seznec. I am part of Südzucker’s Customer Service team and work as a coordinator for retail and industry customers in the Benelux region and France.

My team and I work at the intersection of your Südzucker sales representatives, our logistics and production facilities, and our external partners.

An crucial part of managing your orders is to keep you updated every step of the way, from receiving your order to unloading at your shipment’s destination. We take that very seriously and always strive for a close and transparent exchange with you to make sure we meet your expectations.

This also includes our intercompany transfers (e.g. from Germany, Spain, Italy or the UK). Overseeing storage and stocks in the Benelux and France, I make sure that all the facilities close to you always have ample supply for you and can deliver the products you need, even on short notice or for emergency orders.

Everything we do is designed to make your life easier and contribute to your efficiency. Together with our logistics department, and based on your feedback, we always see to it that we work with high-quality, trusted third-party logistics providers that understand your needs.

Our on-time delivery track record, excellent product availability and our flexibility to jump in when others couldn’t are some of the often-mentioned reasons for our customers’ satisfaction. We work hard to keep earning that satisfaction by improving our processes further across all countries and locations.

We want to hear from you. Let us know what we can do better or more of to continue to earn your trust.

– Yoann Seznec, Customer Service Coordinator Packed Goods, Area West

These are just a few members of our Europe-wide customer support team. But all of us on our global customer service team want you to know that you can count on every one of us to help you reach your goals.

We’re closer than you think. Since we have sales- and customer service offices as well as an extensive partner network all over Europe, you’ll always have access to your individual, local Südzucker representatives when you need them. We look forward to hearing from you!

Are you looking for specific certifications or other product / location related documents, please visit our download center.

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