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Liquid Sugars 66.5

Our Liquid Sugars are used extensively in the beverage industry, but also for confectionery and ice cream – all applications where great taste, a pleasant texture and visual appeal are essential attributes of a successful end product. The pharma industry prefers our Liquid Sugars for their excellent functionality and good processability. We produce our liquid sugars under the highest quality standards with stringent quality controls to guarantee you a product that works well with your processes and delivers the results you want.

If needed, we can also provide liquid sugars in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia (EP/PhEur).

General Benefits

  • No adverse effects on the desired coloration of your end product
  • Flavor enhancement on natural basis
  • Improves fusing behavior of end products like ice cream or confectionery
  • Suitable for medical syrups, elixirs or pharmaceutical suspensions (pharma-grade)
  • Ready-to-use
  • Available in organic quality

Basic Product Information

Our standard Liquid Sugars have a dry matter content of 66.5 %. When fully dissolved, filtered, decolorized and sterilized in our production process, our Liquid Sugars are always a clear, colorless sugar solution. Our beet sugar-based liquid sugar is also available in organic quality.

Typical Ingredients
Sugar (saccharose), water
Storage and Shelf Life
Please store our standard Liquid Sugars around 20° C (+/- 5° C). Lower temperatures can result in re-crystallization.


Packaging type Packaging unit (in kg)
Canister 14
Container 1000, 1300

You can expect a shelf life of 8 weeks in unopened canisters and containers, or 4 weeks when stored loosely in clean tanks with a sterile-air filter.

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