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The Südzucker Sugar Division is the leading provider of plant-based sweetening solutions. We offer the broadest range of beet sugar products including unmatched services - supporting our customers for a sweeter business.

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Südzucker – We make the world a sweeter place!

Sugar is all about pleasure and sweetness in life. Sugar provides texture, colour, and enhances flavours. Most importantly, it adds natural taste and creates great tasting foods and drinks, which is still the key for enjoyable consumption. It’s why, as sugar producer, we believe in making the world a sweeter place – making business sweet for all of us.

When you work with us, we pledge to be a reliable, high-quality supplier, and an innovation captain for plant-based sweetening solutions of tomorrow.

We Are the Leading Producer of Beet Sugar in Europe

As leading sugar producer in Europe, you can count on the reliability of our supply chain and product quality – expect to be delighted with our level of service. Along with our products, we offer you a wide range of added-value services, state-of-the-art sustainability practices, continuous progress, and a steadfast flow of innovative, market-driven solutions.

Always stay up to date

Our sugar production sites are located across the EU in areas that are most effective for beet cultivation - on average only 180km from your facilities.
An essential part of our portfolio is our range of sugar specialities. Our fondants, organic beet sugars, sucrose-based excipients, and sugar reduction solutions deliver added value to consumers in terms of taste, texture, and sensory experience.
We are committed to putting you and the needs of your customers at the centre of what we do today and tomorrow. It’s what drives and motivates us to excel every day.
Having earned the trust of the leading players and innovators of the food and beverage industry in decades of successful partnerships is our proudest accomplishment as sugar producer.

Südzucker – Your partner For plant-based sweetening solutions

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