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About us

The Story of the S

Südzucker´s visual language is characterized by a recurring S-shape in all communications. This multi-facet S represents our promises to our customers:

Secure supply

Stunning service

Sustainable solutions

Operational excellence meets customer centricity

The S-shape visuals show two worlds that meet. In addition to the company’s operational excellence, Südzucker recognises the need to open up to customer’s individual needs and wants. It’s this customer centricity and the company’s aim to become a trusted advisor that is at the heart of Südzucker’s business strategy.

Südzucker is the world’s number one sugar producer

Business facts at a glance


5.9 million tons sugar production


7.0 Billion in annual revenues


18,500 Employees

EST. 1926

Established in 1926


Member of the German SDAX® .


Main shareholder: sugar beet farmers

Sites of the sugar factories / refineries

Status at: May 2018


With a natural sweetener at the heart of our business, we’re committed to protecting nature’s best.

We want the planet and its people to thrive for centuries to come. Which is why our sustainability programmes are focused on the long term – not just the next five years.

Südzucker has a zero waste policy. From sowing and harvesting to processing in the factory, we’ve continually refined, aligned and optimised our methods to achieve zero waste. And together with beet growers, we’ve successfully driven forward many projects in the area of beet cultivation and logistics.