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In addition to our standard liquid sweeteners, we also offer a variety of Blends for all your food applications. Our Blends portfolio features different compositions and ingredients so that you can find the perfect sweetening solution for your needs.

Our Blends are ideal for your specialized sports drinks, as a total sweetening solution for ice creams, ready-to-use fillings for your chocolate applications, or in baked goods like caramel fillings in waffles.

General Benefits

  • Natural flavor enhancement
  • Easy to use liquid sweetener (no additional blending effort required)
  • Good solubility
  • No blending costs
  • Adjustable to your sweetening demands
  • High microbiological stability
  • Easy to store with long shelf-life
  • Wide variety of base ingredients possible

Using different raw materials (sugar beet, sugar cane, wheat and corn), we can create a wide range of glucose, maltose, fructose and sugar contents for you. We can also add other ingredients like honey, caramel, sorbitol, colors, flavors, acids etc. to create your individual liquid sweetener.

We can flexibly adapt the composition of our Blends to suit your sweetening needs perfectly. Almost all sugar compositions are possible – just let us know your preferences and challenges so that we can create a solution together.

Basic Product Information

Typical Ingredients
Sugars (glucose, maltose, fructose, etc.), water (all depending on your desired formulation). We can also add other ingredients like honey, caramel, sorbitol, colors, flavors, acids etc. to create your individual convenience solution.
Packaging, Storage and Shelf Life
Our blends are best stored at around 20 °C (+/- 5 °C). Lower temperatures can result in crystallization.

Stored as recommended, you can expect a shelf life of about 3 months.
Packaging type Packaging unit (in kg)
Pail 25
Jerry can 25
Container 1300

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