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Glucose Syrups

Südzucker Glucose Syrups are colourless, viscous, and sweet-tasting liquid sweeteners that we produce by enzymatic hydrolysis of wheat starch.

The unique properties of our Glucose Syrups go beyond sweetening alone, and a wide variety of products including gummy bears, jams and jellies benefit from that. When you use our Glucose Syrups, you can achieve the taste, consistency and shine you desire for great mouthfeel and visual appeal, while you also increase the shelf life and stability of your product.

Our Glucose syrups are widely used in the food industry and are also popular in the confectionery, bakery, ice-cream, jam and beverage industries, to name just a few.

General Benefits

  • Significantly improves the crust colour of baked goods for an appetizing look and feel (Maillard reaction)
  • Noticeably enhances the texture and shine of end products (e.g. jellies, jams, or gummy bears)
  • Easy dosage and miscibility for your desired taste and sweetening effect
  • Improves fusing behaviour and softness of end products like ice cream
  • Depresses freezing point
  • High stability and long shelf life (preserving function) due to strong microbiological stability
  • Prevents crystallization

We offer a wide variety of glucose syrups. Depending on which product you use, our Glucose Syrup will differ in glucose content, dry matter content, and the degree of polymerization.

Please choose the Glucose Syrup that suits your application preferences and requirements from the following standard portfolio:

Product Short description
Glucose Syrup DE-40 Balanced in sweetness and viscosity. Mostly used in the confectionary industry (e.g. gummy bear production)
Glucose Syrup DE-50 (Maltose Syrup) High DP2-value. Naturally found in malt. Commonly used in the confectionary and beverage industries.
Glucose Syrup DE-60 Mostly used in the jam and fruit industry.
Glucose Syrup DE-90 (Hydrolysate) Pure glucose.
Low ash content (almost colourless) and high dextrose content of minimum 92 %.
Unlike other glucose syrups it can be used in fermentation, brewing, cider fermentation and fruit wines.

Naturally, all these products are available in many different composition profiles (different dry substances and degrees of polymerization). Please contact us to talk about how we can help you with your specific needs and challenges.

Basic Product Information

Glucose syrup is an aqueous syrup of saccharides and contains glucose, maltose, and oligosaccharides. Our Glucose Syrup is made from wheat starch and produced by enzymatic hydrolysis.

Typical Ingredients
Sugars (glucose, maltose, oligosaccharides), water (depending on your preference)
Packaging, Storage and Shelf Life

Packaging type: bulk

Glucose Syrup DE-40 / DE-50 / DE-60:
Please use clean, disinfected tanks with sterile air filters for storage.

Generally, you can store these products for up to 6 months. A temperature of 50 °C to 60 °C is required to ensure the pumpability of the product. During storage, quality characteristics such as the colour in the solution can change. For best technical properties, we recommend short-term processing.

Glucose Syrup DE-90:
To prevent crystallization of the product, please store this product at 50°C - 60°C and use it promptly.

Starting mid-2020, Südzucker also offers Glucose-Fructose Syrups as an alternative to the above portfolio

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