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What if organic beet sugar had
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Sweetness meets sustainability. Improve the ecological and social footprint of your products by using high-quality, certified Südzucker organic beet sugar.

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Organic Beet Sugar

As organic products have become increasingly important for consumers over the past few years, the emergence of organic beet sugar comes as no surprise.

Consumers associate “organic” with “regional”, as well as socially and environmentally responsible. Their thinking is: “Organic is good for me and good for the environment.” That attitude is also reflected in the growing number of new product introductions (NPI). Already, almost 20% of new products launched are of organic quality.

Already, Almost 20% of New Products Launched are of Organic Quality.

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Close to our Farmers

We also think organic products go hand in hand with regional and reflect social and ecological responsibility. That’s why we have been working with local farmers in Germany for almost 20 years to produce bio-based sweetening solutions. Our Organic Beet Sugar is a result of this collaboration.

Südzucker was one of the first European sugar producers to offer organic beet sugar. Our production facility in Rain/Bavaria in Southern Germany is close to our farmers – about 80% of our organic sugar beets are grown in Bavaria (crop year 2020).

In Rain, we process carefully grown organic sugar beets to the highest European quality standards for organic beet sugar.

Südzucker Organic Sugar Quality Principles

  • Close, long-time cooperation with our German farmers
  • Short transportation distances lower CO2 emissions
  • Secure, reliable raw material supply
  • Regional raw material sourcing
  • Highest product quality standards and quality control

Close to You

We continuously monitor the markets and consumer needs so that we are prepared for your future needs.

That is why, in addition to EU organic-label product, we also offer organic beet sugar with higher quality organic labels as Naturland (since 2014) and BioSuisse. Since beginning of 2020 we are also offering organic beet sugar Bioland certified.

The Benefits of Südzucker’s Organic Beet Sugar

Deep experience in and understanding of organic consumer and market needs
Close cooperation with local farmers and supply chains
Certified organic beet sugar: EU Bio, Naturland, BioSuisse and Bioland
Constantly evolving product solutions to meet future consumer and market needs


Always stay up to date

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