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Food Ingredients & Additives

The spectrum of ingredients for the food and beverage industry is vast and ranges from individual ingredients such as flavours to liquid or dry semi-finished products (e.g. fruit preparations). Sugar is not only used as a single ingredient in the final food or beverage, but also plays a significant role in the processing industry because of its many physical, chemical, and technical properties.

In different forms such as crystalline, powder, or liquid, sugar is used as auxiliary or filler material, liquid or as a carrier and can:

  • Simplify dosing
  • Act as a preservative to extend product shelf life
  • Enhance or round off taste, or mask unpleasant taste nuances

As a food ingredient supplier, we tackle the same challenges as you and can support you with ingredients that are natural, organic, regional, free from e-numbers, and clean label, to name just a few. With sugar ingredients from us, you’ll master your technical challenges with ease and can deliver the product attributes and qualities your customers are looking for.

Our comprehensive portfolio of high-quality sugar solutions is designed to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations. We offer our solutions in various physical forms, from liquid to powder and crystalline – with certified organic products, of course also available.

Use our sweetening solutions as the perfect complement to your other high-quality ingredients and efficiently produce the products your customers enjoy and prefer.

Why is Südzucker the ideal partner for your food ingredients and additives?

Innovative and market-driven solutions
Deep Customer Understanding and Market Know-How
Leading supplier of organic beet sugar in Europe
Food & beverage industry specialist with the broadest natural sweetening solution portfolio
Broadest range of sugars in various grades; specialty sugars and high-purity sugars

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