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High quality sucrose-based excipients for high performance drug delivery systems – in compressed tablets, syrups, lozenges and powder mixes. 100% from a natural source and available in pharma-grade certified qualities.

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Our COMPRI® Sugar range comprises a selection of directly compressible sucrose products with special properties. The raw material is very finely ground sucrose (EU I quality), with or without binders and can be used with other ingredients such as flavourings or active ingredients, pressing agents, and dyes.

Thanks to our unique fluid bed agglomeration production technology for COMPRI® Sugar, we provide you with high-quality, sucrose-based solutions, designed to be processed into compressed goods, tablets and instant products. Südzucker is the only producer who offers a fluid bed-agglomerated sugar for direct compression without any binder.

COMPRI® sugar product type Description Properties Ingredients Main Applications Particle Size in mm (min. 90%) Bulk Density in g/l Residual Moisture in g/l Possible Certificates
Pure fluid bed agglomerated sugar Very good instant solubility

Good compressibility

Sucrose Instant products, e.g. single-serving sachet, effervescent powders

Direct compression

0,1 – 0,63 500 – 600 max. 0,1 European Pharmacopoeia (Ep/PhEur) for raw materials used
Fluid bed agglomerated sugar with Maltodextrin Very high breaking load

Good solubility

Sucrose, Maltodextrin Direct compression 0,1 – 1,0 500 – 700 max 0,7
Fluid bed agglomerated sugar with Maltodextrin in a special ratio to fulfil the USP-NF requirements Very high breaking load

Good solubility

Sucrose, Maltodextrin Direct compression 0,2 – 0,63 500 – 630 max 0,7 USP-NF

Our unique agglomeration process sets us apart. Südzucker COMPRI® Sugar has completely different physicochemical properties and structure compared to regular sugar crystals. Even though the main component is sucrose, its amorphous form produces many benefits:

Benefits of COMPRI® Sugar

  • Directly compressible sugar
  • Excellent flow characteristics
  • Optimal binder for active substances (in liquid or powdered form)
  • Low friability
  • Outstanding dissolution properties
  • Can be dosed with high precision
  • Very good compression force/breaking load characteristics
  • Ensures ease of processing on modern high-speed presses
  • Masking agent effect
  • Storage stability/low hygroscopicity
  • Instant solubility
  • Nearly dust-free
  • Defined particle size distribution

Solubility of different sugar excipients

We have designed our COMPRI® Sugar range so that you have a choice of sugar excipient solutions for your product – choose the composition and particle size distribution that works for you.

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