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Non-Food / Fermentation

At Südzucker, we are entirely focused on your needs. Reliably delivering first-rate products is our top priority. Our quality control and research departments continuously analyse and assess everything we produce in our own laboratories to make sure that you always enjoy the highest quality possible.

General Benefits:

  • Regionally sourced, close to their production site
  • Sustainably sourced from non-genetically modified beet varieties
  • Certified-organic (Naturland, Bioland, BioSuisse**, EU organic regulation) products available*
  • Reduced waste during the sugar production process (whole sugar beet processed into different products)
  • Most of the water used in the production process comes from the beet itself

*10 mm Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets (SBPP) and Beet Molasses
** Only Beet Molasses

After we extract the sugar, molasses and beet pulp remain as Co-Products. Molasses is a syrupy product and still contains sugar and other valuable components. After mechanically pressing the beet pulp, we provide it as fresh-pressed pulp or in dried, molassed and pelletised form.

Our Co-products are essential components in various applications. The non-food and fermentation industries use our molasses for the production of yeast, citric acid, potable alcohol or ethanol and other products.

The Molasses we produce is also in demand for the production of vitamins in the pharma industry or for technical applications (e.g. concrete).

Our Pressed Pulp and SBPP are often used in the non-food industry as a fertile soil for the cultivation of several organisms, or as a component in the paper and cardboard industry.

Application Molasses Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets (SBPP) Pressed Sugar Beet Pulp
Fertile soil for several applications
Substrate for paper/cardboard industry
Citric acid
Potable alcohol/ethanol industry
Pharma industry
Technical application
Biogas/bio methane

In addition to the high-quality products of our standard portfolio, we are open to discussing your specific challenges to see how we can adapt one of our solutions to fit your needs better.

Some of our Co-Products are also available in certified-organic quality:

  • Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets (10 mm)
  • Beet Molasses

We produce them from sugar beets that are grown according to all relevant legal requirements (EU organic regulation) and also comply with additional standards from organizations like Naturland and Bioland (or BioSuisse in case of Beet Molasses).


Bioland Naturland BioSuisse EU organic regulation
Beet Molasses
Sugar Beet Pulp Pellets

In addition to the above, Südzucker also offers Thick Juice as a substrate for various fermentation applications.

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