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Glucose-Fructose Syrup

Our Glucose-Fructose Syrup, the newest addition to our product portfolio, is an aqueous syrup containing glucose, fructose, maltose and oligosaccharides. It is obtained from starch by enzymatic hydrolysis. It is a clear and colourless liquid, with low viscosity. Our Glucose-Fructose Syrup range G09 and G20 is an addition to our conventional Glucose Syrup range.

General Benefits

  • It provides a higher and clean, balanced sweetening effect than conventional Glucose Syrups
  • It enhances fruit flavours in your fruit containing products like jam, fruit preparations and marmalades
  • You can create an improved visual appeal and gloss of your end product
  • It lowers the freezing point, with textural improvements in frozen products
  • Extends shelf-life due to humectancy in candy bars and soft baked goods
  • Suitable for aerated confectionery like marshmallows and chocolate marshmallows
  • Easy, hazzle-free processing
  • Kosher and Halal certificates are available upon request

Basic Product Information

Our Glucose-Fructose Syrup is perfectly suited for fruit preparations, jams and marmalade, ice-cream and sorbets, aerated sugar confectionery i.e. marshmallows and gelatine-based sweets, soft baked goods & cakes, candy bars or soft drinks.

Typical Ingredients
Sugars (glucose, maltose, oligosaccharides), water (depending on your preference)
Packaging, Storage and Shelf Life

Packaging type: bulk

Please store our Glucose-Fructose Syrups at around 45 °C - 55 °C to ensure proper pumpability. Store in cleaned and disinfected tanks with sterile air filters In general, our Glucose-Fructose Syrups can be stored for up to 3 months, but we recommend short-term processing for best technological properties

We have several types of Glucose-Fructose Syrups available with different dry solid content and fructose content:

Type Dry solids Fructose content
G 9.001 80,5 – 81,5 6 – 12
G 9.002 79,5 – 82,5 8 – 10
G 9.003 83,0 – 84,0 6 – 12
G 9.004 83,2 – 84,2 8 – 10
G 9.005 77,5 – 79,5 6 – 12
G 20.001 80,0 – 82,0 15 – 22

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