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High quality sucrose-based excipients for high performance drug delivery systems – in compressed tablets, syrups, lozenges and powder mixes. 100% from a natural source and available in pharma-grade certified qualities.

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Sucrose-Based Excipients for Pharmaceutical Products

Life science products serve a growing, but heterogeneous market which is driven by rising requirements for superior drug efficacy, technical performance, regulatory and safety compliance. This market requires high-quality sucrose-based excipients for applications like pharmaceutical drugs, non-prescription medications, food supplements, and wellness and beauty products.

High Standards

When you work with us, you will gain a reliable and trusted partner. We will support you with the high-quality excipients you need to guarantee your customers the high-performance formulations they expect. Our versatile excipient portfolio is based on 100% natural sources, meets all pharmaceutical standards, and is also available in pharma-grade quality in compliance with European Pharmacopoeia (EP).

Sucrose-Based Excipients
for Your Formulation

Our broad range of sucrose-based excipients feature excellent dissolving properties and are designed to offer you the ideal product for your high-performance formulations and applications. In addition to our standard pharma-suitable, granulated-icing, and liquid sugars, we offer you a specialized selection of excipients in our COMPRI range, which we have developed for the strictest requirements of the pharma industry.

The following products in our portfolio are produced to pharmaceutical standards and are therefore also available in pharma-grade quality. For more detailed product information, please click on a product in the table below or jump directly to Südzucker’s unique excipients:

  Agglomerated Products Crystalline Products Liquid Products
COMPRI Sugar Extra White Sugar Higher Grade White Sugar Icing Sugar (Fine) Liquid Sugar
Liquid Galenic Forms: syrups, drinkable ampoules, etc.  
Suspensions: pasty products        
Powders: single-serving sachet, dry syrups to rehydrate, effervescent powders      
Direct Compression: tablets, granules        
Granulation: granules, tablers        
Coating: pastilles, tablets      
Chewing Grums    

Our Services Around
Sucrose-Based Excipients

For our customers in the pharma or life science industry, we additionally offer different services beyond the product itself.

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