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Thick Juice

At its high 92% carbohydrate content, our thick juice is exceptionally pure, easy to pump and store at room temperature. It is a feedstock especially suitable as a substrate for your fermentation applications.

General Benefits

  • High purity: 92% carbohydrate content
  • Easy to pump at room temperature
  • 68% dry solid content
  • Sustainable carbohydrate source with Redcert certification
  • No heating required for storage

Basic Product Information

Our thick juice (“Syrup 0”) is a “semi-finished” product we produce using heated multiple-effect evaporation of purified sweet juice (“thin juice”), just before the crystallization step. It is rich in sugar, easily stored, with a dry solid content of 68% and similar in appearance to pancake syrup.

Typical Ingredients
Packaging, Storage and Shelf Life
Thick Juice: Bulk
Practical Tip
You can store our thick juice for several weeks in a cleaned and disinfected tank at room temperature -no heating required. At temperatures less than 5 °C sucrose may crystalize.

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