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API Bee Feed

Our acclaimed API bee feed range (APIfonda, APIinvert, APIorganic) is the result of 40 years of uncompromising dedication to help you raise healthy and productive bees.

Based on a natural bee diet, our ready-made bee feed products meet all of the requirements for a healthy bee food alternative and are ready-to-use without time-consuming preparations.

The following is an overview of our current bee feed product line-up:


Ready-to-use, liquid sugar-based bee feed with a balanced composition of sugars.

When to use it

  • Late-winter feeding


APIfonda is our ready-to-use sugar paste bee feed.

When to use it

  • Spring stimulation
  • Early-winter feeding
  • Filling nectar flow gaps


If you adhere to organic beekeeping principles, we recommend feeding your bees our organic granulated sugar.

When to use it

  • Use the classic 3:2 sugar solution for late-winter feeding.

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