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We produce our Molasses by extracting sugar from regionally-grown, non-genetically modified sugar beet varieties. It is used for a variety of purposes, such as the feed sector or in the fermentation industry.

In the industrial sector, our Molasses is used as a fermentation additive in applications such as yeast production, pharmaceutical production of vitamins, the production of various alcohols, or citric acid. There are also other technical fields of application for our Molasses in the construction industry.

General Benefits

  • Versatile application as fermentation additive, feed component, or silage additive
  • QS-certified, also available in organic quality (Naturland, Bioland, Bio Suisse and EU organic regulation certified)
  • Highly digestible and palatable energy product
  • Nutritionally ideal – especially in high-performance rations for dairy cows
  • Sourced close to the production site
  • Produced from non-genetically-modified sugar beet
  • All-year-round availability and stable ingredient composition
  • Long shelf life in proper storage conditions

Basic Product Information

Our Sugar Beet Molasses is a syrupy product which we obtain during the process of refining sugar from sugar beets.

Its palatability, high energy content and suitability as a pelleting aid make molasses an essential component in compound feed production. As an energy and taste component, and for its dust-binding properties, molasses is also used directly in the feed rations of various animal species and can also be used as an ensiling additive.

We offer several varieties of beet molasses. Depending on what product you use, the molasses will differ in sugar content as well as dry matter content. Depending on your application or requirements, you can choose from the following standard portfolio of molasses:

Product Short description
Molasses “40 Quality” and “42 Quality”
(sugar content, calculated as sucrose, min. 40 % / 42 % )
  • Easy to process
  • Mostly used in direct feeding/compound feed production
Molasses “47 Quality”
(sugar content, calculated as sucrose, min. 47 %)
  • Higher efficiency due to higher sugar content
  • Mostly used in fermentation industry/compound feed production

Packaging, Storage and Shelf Life

You should store our Molasses in steel tanks, avoiding temperatures higher than 40 °C and pH values lower than 7 over a longer period to limit the risk of self-heating, foaming and gas (CO2) formation. To prevent crystallization and to ensure the pumpability of the product, it should be stored at around 20-30 °C.

Molasses is a QS-certified feed material and also available as an organic-certified product (Bioland, Naturland, Bio-Suisse, EU organic regulation).

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