NEW! Officially TÜV-verified CO<sub>2</sub>-reduced Beet Sugar by Südzucker – Now Available Image

NEW! Officially TÜV-verified CO2-reduced Beet Sugar by Südzucker – Now Available

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our CO2-reduced beet sugar on the market! We recently received our TÜV SÜD verification statement for a partial product carbon footprint (PCF) in accordance with DIN EN ISO standard 14067: 2019, which officially verifies the PCF of our sugar, produced with biogas in Plattling.*

Sustainability is gaining importance in every aspect of life. Therefore, we consider it our responsibility to drive the topic forward and as a leading food ingredient manufacturer, we are committed to contributing to a healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable future.

We are proud to be the first sugar producer, able to offer first limited quantities of officially-verified CO2-reduced sugar to the food and beverage industry. This sugar, fully produced with biogas (generated from the waste water treatment in the factory) has a 43 % lower PCF than the conventional EU2 white sugar produced in Plattling, leading to a footprint of 0.313t CO2eq / t white sugar.

By using our CO2-reduced sugar in your products you will be able to cause tangible effect, not only for the CO2eq footprint of the products it is used in but also your overall scope 3 CO2eq footprint!

The TÜV-verified approach based on the mass balance principle, where the product is separated on the balance sheet but not physically in production and storage, also makes it easier and more cost-effective for you to integrate the product into your own processes.

In short, this means that we offer a limited amount of CO2-reduced sugar (reduced by 43 % compared to conventional EU2 white sugar from Plattling) for which you receive documentation that you can use as part of your own Scope 3 emissions calculation and reporting (even SBTi-compliant emissions targets).

“Emission Reduction” being on of Südzucker Sugar Division’s key activity fields in the sustainability strategy is not only with the view into our internal reduction but also how we can support customers in their own scope 3 reduction.

These first quantities of CO2-reduced sugar are now available, which is already helping you to reduce the CO2eq footprint of your own product. But this is by no means the end. There are already plans to further scale up in the future.

For more information, feel free to view the official TÜV verification statement.

Do you want to reduce your scope 3 footprint together with us?
Let us know, we are more than happy to exchange with you!

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*production life-cycle stage (“cradle to factory gate”)

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