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Sucrose-based excipients
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Sucrose-Based Excipients

Sucrose-Based Excipients for Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical and life science products are serving a growing, but heterogeneous market. This market is driven by rising requirements for superior drug efficacy, technical performance, regulatory and safety compliance as well as the need for high quality sucrose-based excipients. Common application fields are pharmaceutical drugs, prescription-free medications, food supplements or wellbeing and beauty products.

Production of compressed tablets

We develop and produce sucrose-based excipients primarily used in oral and liquid pharmaceutical formulations, like compressed tablets, powder blends and syrups. Our high quality pharmaceutical bulking agent and filler solutions provide strong technical properties e.g.:

  • Good absorption and protection of the active substance
  • Homogenous and stable mixing
  • Good and stable compressibility
  • Fast dilution and release of the active substances at the right time
  • Effective taste masking function to balance active ingredients sensory

Our versatile portfolio of excipients, from 100% natural sources, fulfills the pharmaceutical standards and can be sourced in certified pharma grade quality (EP/PhEur and USP-NF) on your request.

To learn more about our sucrose-based excipients, please find more detailed information on the following links:

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