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NEW! 3 Sugar-Reduced Fondant Solutions

Fondant: Sugar-Reduction, Taste & The Consumer

For today’s consumers, making informed and guilt-free purchasing decisions is becoming much more difficult when it comes allowing yourself or your family members a sweet treat. It is widely expected that mindful indulgence will be of even more importance for consumers in the years to come.

For many indulgent products, desserts or snacking products purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale (e.g. the supermarket shelf). Thus it is crucial what consumers immediately understand about a product offering – the so-called first moment of truth. Does the product look appetizing? How do I rate the price-value ratio for myself? What important facts and figures can I find on the packaging like Nutri-Score, nutrition information, claims, ingredients list, etc.?


National governments are not the only ones trying to encourage consumers to reduce their sugar intake. NGO’s pushing for a decrease in sugars in our diets, but most importantly approx. 50% of European consumers state that they are actively trying to reduce sugar in their diets (source: Nielsen). When it comes to shopping decisions, low sugar content or reduced-sugar content is still an important criteria for more than 30% of consumers!


There are multiple options how to exploit this opportunity. You can reformulate, you can reduce portion sizes, you can create completely new offerings or you can simply offer sugar-reduced line extensions alongside your standard consumer goods portfolio. There are numerous options on the marketing side as well. Sometimes it is sufficient to give reassuring permissibility cues to convince consumers to do a product trial.

Südzucker has developed three sugar-reduced fondant solutions that can offer multiple product development or reformulation opportunities for filled chocolates or coated products such as donuts, sweet pastry, etc.


Sugar-Reduced Fondant – Properties & Applications

In close collaboration with various Südzucker specialist departments including our R&D centers, commercial functions and production we have developed a range of new, proprietary, state-of-the art fondant solutions with a 30% reduction. We offer three versatile products that have been developed according to various consumer, technical, process, labelling and sensory requirements. Our sugar-reduced products are perfectly suitable for common fondant applications – especially glazings, coatings and fillings, e.g. of sweet baked goods, chocolates, etc.

Depending on your formulation or process requirements you can chose from the following sugar-reduced fondant solutions


Taste & Sensory is Paramount!

Sugar-reduced glazings – why compromise?

Südzucker sensory experts were involved as early as the development phase in order to ensure superior sensorial properties. Our taste panels could not detect significant sensorial differences between our sugar-reduced fondant solutions and the full sugar benchmarks. All three sugar-reduced fondants performed equally strong with respect to taste and appearance. Fondant glazing were compared in a sensory test: With regard to shine, opacity and stickiness no significant differences could be detected by a Südzucker expert panel. Even preferences for both glazings were equally distributed.



Tests performed at the Südzucker application centers have confirmed easy processing, fully in-line with standard industrial processing parameters and equipment. We have thoroughly evaluated the application technology with regard to glazings and coatings of soft baked good (e.g. donuts) as well as fillings of chocolates/pralines. Only minor adaptions of technical parameters or in preparation procedures are required to achieve benchmark level results.


Key Benefits:

  • Sensorial profile equal to full sugar fondants
  • Standard processing procedures / no specific technical requirements
  • Low stickiness good freeze & thaw stability


All three sugar-reduced fondant products can easily and flawlessly be tailored, e.g. by adding colors or flavors. Technical properties and processing possibilities are identical to those of full sugar reference fondant solutions.

The Südzucker application support team available to help you with any application, formulation or processing needs related to our fondants, icings and glazings product portfolio.


Nutritional Properties

The sugar content of all three fondant solutions has been reduced by 30%. Only safe, well accepted and nutritionally valuable filler ingredients have been used. The caloric content of the three decoration sugars has also been slightly reduced. Some of the sugar reduced fondants fulfill even higher clean-labeling requirements. Depending on final product formulations and ingredients used, consumer products may be claimed as sugar-reduced and could potentially achieve a better Nutri-Score.


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