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Raw Beet Sugar

Naturalness, regionality and less processed or less refined products and raw materials have become more important for European consumers. With our Raw Beet Sugar, we offer to food producers a solution to create sweet products that fulfil the needs of consumers, such as baked goods, chocolate or cereals / cereal bars or for savoury applications like barbecue sauces and other condiments.

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Meaning of ‘RAW’ in Raw Beet Sugar

Our Raw Beet Sugar is the result of a dedicated production process where we conserve original elements of the sugar beet resulting in a less refined beet sugar. This means that it is closer to sugar beet than white sugar, which is noticable by its light brown colour and more aromatic taste.

Consumers are increasingly looking for products where natural ingredients or products are derived from a natural source. Naturalness is also a key driver when it comes to choosing healthier products.

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General Benefits

  • Closer to the raw material / less refined
  • Provides a unique taste – more aromatic & distinct
  • Natural light brown colour
  • 100% originated from European sugar beets
  • Free flowing crystallized sugar
  • Similar technical properties to white sugar – easy processability
  • Possible labeling as “Raw Beet Sugar”

Educated Consumer

Consumers are also increasingly interested in what their food contains. They also want to know what the ingredients mean and where they come from. They read the information on the product packaging, such as the list of ingredients, claims etc., to decide whether to buy a product or not. It is therefore important to list the ingredients in detail – such as cane sugar or beet sugar instead of sugar.

Production Process Raw Beet Sugar

  • Similar to standard sugar production process, but just one crystallization step
  • Linear process
  • 100% from European sugar beets

Basic Product Information Raw Beet Sugar

Practical Tip
Label raw beet sugar on the ingredients list. This indicates on the one hand that the sugar is less refined - 'raw' - and on the other hand that it is regional / from Europe – ‘beet’.
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Storage and Shelf Life
Please store our Raw Beet Sugar in a cool dry location (relative humidity < 50%), preferably between 15 °C to 25 °C, and away from strong odours. Under these conditions, in the unopened, original packaging, the Raw Beet Sugar can be stored for 36 months after the production date.
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Our Raw Beet Sugar
fits perfectly in:
  • Biscuits and baked goods
  • Breakfast cereals, snacks and bars
  • Chocolates
  • Savoury applications, like marinades & sauces

Easy Processability

Due to its free-flowing character, our Raw Beet Sugar is easily processable and easily sievable. As a crystalline brown sugar, compared to other soft brown sugars this Raw Beet Sugar is less hygroscopic and keeps its free-flowability longer.

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