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Organic Beet Sugar

Organic beet sugar

The production of organic beet sugar comes as no surprise. Organic products have become increasingly important for end consumers over the past years. One reason for this is that they associate “organic” with “regional”, as well as social and environmental responsibility. “Organic is good for me and it is good for my environment.” This is also reflected in the growing number of new product introductions (NPI). Already, almost 20% of new products launched are of organic quality.
Growing trend of new organic product innovations
Source: Mintel GNPD

Close to our farmers

We also think organic products go hand in hand with regional, as well as social and ecological responsibility. Therefore, we have been working for almost 20 years with the local farmers in Germany to produce bio-based sweetening solutions. This resulted in our organic beet sugar.

Two farmers discussing organic beet sugar production
Organic beet sugar production region

Südzucker was one of the first European sugar producers to produce organic beet sugar. Our production place in Rain/Bavaria in Southern Germany is in close proximity to our farmers. Over 90% of our beets are grown in a perimeter of approximately 150km around our factory (crop year 2019).

In Rain, we process carefully grown organic sugar beets to the highest European quality for organic beet sugar.

Our organic beets are mainly grown in one of the biggest crop areas for organic beets in Europe – Bavaria.

Südzucker organic sugar quality principles:

  • Close and long cooperation with our German farmers
  • Short transportation ways lead to low CO2 emissions
  • Secure & reliable raw material availability
  • Regional raw material sourcing
  • Highest product quality standards and quality control

Close to you

We are looking at the markets and consumers on a regular basis to be prepared for the future needs of our customers.

That is also why we are offering, beside the classical EU organic label, Naturland (since 2014) and BioSuisse certified organic beet sugar. For highly demanding needs, we are even able to supply Bioland certified organic beet sugar quality products.

Woman with milk product

Südzucker offers different organic sugar product types and various sales units:

Product Type
Raw Material
Buy Online
Crystal Sugar EU-Grade 2
EU-Eco regulation
Organic sugar beets
25kg bags 900kg/pallet
Organic Fondant S20
EU-Eco regulation
Organic sugar beets
15kg box
Organic Liquid Sugar
EU-Eco regulation
Organic sugar beets
Organic sugar cane
1000l container
tanker truck
Organic Invert Sugar Syrup
EU-Eco regulation
Organic sugar beets
Organic sugar cane
1000l container
tanker truck

Organic beet sugar from Südzucker

  • Long experience and understanding of the organic consumer and market needs
  • Close cooperation with farmers and regional supply chains
  • Certified organic beet sugar: in EU Bio, Naturland, BioSuisse and Bioland
  • Constantly further development of our product solutions to fulfill future consumer and market needs

Are you interested in our organic certificates or product specifications? Do you want more information on organic market trends and consumer needs?

Please get in touch with us.

Our heart is with the sugar beet, but if you want to source Organic Cane Sugar, we can deliver this to you as well. For more information, please look at our Cane Sugar range.

Do you have further questions or need support to select the right organic product? Please contact us directly.