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The Südzucker Sugar Division is the leading provider of plant-based sweetening solutions. We offer the broadest range of beet sugar products including unmatched services - supporting our customers for a sweeter business.

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Partnering in Regenerative Farming Copy Image
Partnering in Regenerative Farming Copy
Get to know our Connected Collective Initiative and discover our regenerative agriculture principles.
Partnering in Regenerative Farming Image
Partnering in Regenerative Farming
Get to know our Connected Collective Initiative and discover our regenerative agriculture principles.
Learn what has changed in consumers’ purchasing behaviour, gain insights into growing consumer needs and how you can meet them.

Sugar solutions that sweeten your business

Organic Beet Sugar

Our organic beet sugar is the result of a 20-year cooperation with local farmers in Germany, and our commitment to regional, ecologically, and socially responsible production as a sustainable beet sugar supplier.

Fondants, Icings, Glazings, & Paste

We formulate our process-friendly, easy-to-use fondants, icings and glazings so that you can create attractive sweet indulgences that your customers will become fans of.

Sucrose-Based Excipients

Explore our versatile portfolio of sucrose-based excipients (crystalline, liquid beet sugar products, etc.) from 100% natural sources for your high-performance pharmaceutical formulations.

Seasons for Sugar

Sugar is in season all throughout the year. With the many different sugars and sugar specialties and the wide variety of applications and end products products – bakery, pastry, confectionery, beverages, etc. –, there are always many options to choose from. Be it as a standard ingredient for sweetening, texture and mouthfeel, as a crunchy filling, for specific colouring and flavouring or as decoration on top – our specialties are very versatile. Some applications are widely known – others might surprise you.

Let yourself be inspired by Südzucker’s Seasonal Sugar Calendar and find ways to use our products that you might have not thought about before.

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What's Driving You?

Your Industry, Our Solutions
Sugar is a major ingredient of almost all foods and beverages. Be it confectionery, dairy products, baked goods, soft drinks, jams and ice cream. Sugar also has a wide variety of non-food uses. In each of the below applications sugar is used and sugar products with very specific properties are required. As a beet sugar manufacturer for various industries, we are fully aware of these requirements and are committed to meet the highest expectations. This is why we offer our customers a wide range of standard sugars, sugars specialties and services according to their industry needs.

On Time,
All the Time

As your reliable beet sugar supplier and partner, our mission is to bring value to your business and make your life easier. We are looking forward to tackling your business challenges with you thanks to our range of beet sugar products and other sweetening – let’s create value together.

Südzucker Group
Open Innovation Platform

Innovation is an important part of the Südzucker Sugar Division’s DNA. Being part of the Südzucker Group, we are leveraging the synergies of an integrated company operating farm to consumer. Collaborative innovation and working in open innovation ecosystems is an important enabler. For more details visit theBarn, the open innovation ecosystem platform of Südzucker Group and learn how we can successfully co-create a plant-based future.

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Do you have further questions or need support to select the right organic product amongst our sugars, liquid sweeteners, and other beet sugar solutions for your business?

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