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Sucrose-based excipients
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Fondant, Icing
and Glazing

Fondant, Icing and Glazing
Delight Your Consumer

Fondant And IcingWhat makes enjoying sweet pastries delightful for consumers?

It starts with an appealing sight. There is so much truth in the idiom ´you eat with your eyes´. Next is the intriguing aroma your consumers smell, followed by the full sensorial impact while eating.

Depending on the product, an exciting mix of textures, flavours and different ingredients deliver a great taste experience. What remains is the aftertaste which stays when an indulgent treat has been consumed. This course of consumer sensory delight is even more true and supported by the unique properties of Südzucker´s fondant, icing and glazing specialties.

Our fondants,  icings and glazings fulfil all the requirements for refining fine bakery and confectionery products. They give products that certain something, open up possibilities for impressive, individual decorations, deliver great taste possibilities (improve texture and flavour) and provide essential technical benefits. Südzucker produces a variety of products for different technical requirements.

Südzucker the Expert for Fondants, Icings and Glazings

We at Südzucker have long experience in developing and producing different kinds of fondants, icings and glazings and therefore an extensive application know-how. As we are producing the main ingredients – crystalized sucrose from sugar beets and glucose syrup from wheat – we have the whole supply chain in our hands. We can offer you the best in quality fondant, icing and glazing products and unique fondant solutions for your individual needs.

The Advantages of Südzucker’s Fondants, Icings and Glazings

The Advantages of Südzucker’s Fondants and Icings
  • Tempting looks – be it transparent, opaque-white or coloured. Create layers with an excellent gloss
  • Available in different colours, flavours or with cocoa
  • Time-saving and user-friendly – easy, quick and efficient processing for you
  • Highly versatile – a broad range of fondant, icing and glazing specialties for many applications and use cases
  • Vegan, gluten-free or clean label solutions are available

Overview of Südzucker’s Fondant, Icing and Glazing Products

From craft bakeries to industrial operations, Südzucker’s standard and customized icing, glazing and fondant solutions will fit the bill. Due to our long experience in this market we have strong know-how related to their application and industrial processes.

Furthermore, as we work very closely with all kinds of customers, we see and explore new market needs and trends very fast. This enables us to be an innovative partner in order to offer you creative and contemporary fondant solutions.

Our fondants, icings and glazings will fill, freeze, roll, enrobe, blend and decorate your products to perfection while assuring superior technical functionality. Please have a look at our different types or get in contact with us in case you would like to discuss about a customized fondant, icing or glazing solution.