Fostering Biodiversity: Key Results of a 5-Year Research Study and Insights on Südzucker’s Biodiversity Alliance Image

Fostering Biodiversity: Key Results of a 5-Year Research Study and Insights on Südzucker’s Biodiversity Alliance

As a leading manufacturer of food ingredients, sitting in the centre between farm and fork, environmental protection is a key priority for us at Südzucker. In terms of the environmental dimension, we focus primarily on sustainable farming, fostering biodiversity, the reduction of CO2-eq emissions and conscious consumption.

To enhance biodiversity, we have been working with the Institute for Agroecology and Biodiversity (IFAB) for the past five years. The aim of this joint research is to understand the impact of flower strips in and around sugar beet fields on beneficial insects, pests, insect pollinators, birds and other animals and to derive management strategies for the implementation of biodiversity-fostering measures at farm level. No comparable research of this scale and on a representative sugar beet farm such as Kirschgartshausen has been carried out in Germany to date.

In a comprehensive whitepaper we have summarized the detailed research results. The following questions were addressed in this research:

Which flower mixture provides the best food and habitat for insects, birds and other creatures on which type of soil?
What is the effect on pollinators, beneficial insects and pests?
How can these practices be optimized to support a more sustainable future and higher biodiversity in Germany?

Download the exclusive whitepaper and get access to the key results of our 5-year scientific research and find out:

  • how big the effect of annual and perennial flower strips is on biomass of insects or abundance of pollinators and other species.
  • the long-term effects of perennial flower strips compared to one-year flower strips and the effects of biodiversity in the field and in the vicinity.
  • how the Südzucker Biodiversity Alliance supports farmers and interested customers to jointly foster Biodiversity for a more sustainable future.
  • how you can join the Südzucker Biodiversity Alliance and help contribute to a more sustainable future together with us.

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