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Special Services Around Liquid Solutions

When you partner with us, you have access to much more than our standard product portfolio.

Whichever way your markets develop, you can count on us to make your life easier by adapting our special liquid sugar solutions to your needs. Whether you need us to adjust the composition of our Invert Sugar Syrup or create unique blends with the additional ingredients you require – we’ll do what it takes for you to excel and succeed.

Our R&D experts at Rafti BV are also available to contribute our long-standing expertise and product development know-how around liquid solutions to your products by:

  • Designing a specific sugar spectrum based on your component requirements
  • Providing reformulations based on sugar, glucose syrups & other additional ingredients (blends)
  • Creating product samples and final products
  • Performing storage and shelf-life tests
  • Conducting professional taste panels

Whenever you require support around the product, individualized compositions of our liquid specialities, or a specific test, please contact us! We look forward to creating value together with you.

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