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Whether colourful, classic white or slightly shiny – with Südzucker’s broad range of standardised and customisable fondants, icings & glazings you will always find the best solutions to delight your consumer.

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We go the extra mile: Development, trends, and custom solutions

As a leading developer and producer of high-quality fondant, icing, and glazing products, we serve a broad customer base in many markets and closely monitor developments in our industry worldwide. So when it comes to your future challenges, we stand ready and able to help you reach your goals.

Trends very often start with artisans. That’s why we keep close relationships with several artisanal chefs, always on the lookout for trends that we can adapt and further develop for your industry. On the ingredient side, palm-free and vegan fondants are good examples of that. If you want to enhance your products’ nutritional profile, e.g., by reducing sugar, we’re ready to support you with cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs. Developing high-performance solutions for you that stand out on a technical and sensorial level is what drives us.

Producing well-thought-out modifications of our standard recipes for you can bring significant added value to your business. Depending on your needs, that might mean:

  • Adding special flavors
  • Adapting the texture of the fondant / icing product
  • Customizing freeze, chill, and wrap stability
  • Adjusting setting speed
  • Adjusting product flow characteristics
  • Customizing Ready-To-Use (RTU) solutions

We do all of our development work in our R&D hubs in Offstein (Germany) and Oostkamp (Belgium). Please contact us to explore how our custom solutions can help you reach your goals.

As your partner and trusted fondant and icing experts, we’re available to you for your questions around the production of bakery, chocolate, and confectionery products. Feel free to reach out to us regarding:

  • Technical questions about, for example, shelf life, ingredients, freeze-thaw stability, machine- or hand-made products, (clean) labeling
  • Which Südzucker products suit your needs and applications best
  • Application training on how to use our products

Let us know what you need, or which challenges you’re working on – we are happy to help!

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